Marketing: SFT's marketing teamworks on the promotional efforts with enthusiasm and makes one of a kind promotion exercises outlined each client particularly. Our support is always constant, from starting dispatch to channel advancements and end client motivating forces through to compelling item procedures till the end. We pick up a more noteworthy rate of return by utilizing our assets and guaranteeing the most noteworthy achievement rate in achieving the prospects and turning them into client. Our Marketingprograms focus on:

  • Promotion development
  • Promotion implementation
  • Advertising planning, placement and tracking
  • Public relation programs
  • Database &Lead Management
  • Product placement
  • End User programs and fulfillment

Sales: Best in sales results are given by us by working with our clients on a close relationship basis in digital market. Because of the teamwork that we put forth working with our clients, we keep our relationships strong both with the market and the prospects. SFT'ssales activities are coordinated at all levels of the business channel, concentrating on demand generationof end-client.

We represent a global appeal with our international scale services with our offices situated in London, New York, Singapore.